Angshuman Gupta

En-route to Full Stack Product Person


An experienced product leader with more than 10 years of product building, launching, and scaling experience.

I have built products and platforms from scratch to scale and led product teams and XFTs in startups and large organizations for the Asia-Pacific, European, and the US markets

I have played diverse product roles in my career - Infrastructure, Data, Mobile, UI/UX, Growth, Platform, API, Identity, and AI/ML for B2B, B2C, and Enterprise companies

Exploring the world of #web3 in the side.



2021 – 2023


I'm building fulfilment solutions for Europe's one of the largest ecom brand


2021 – 2023

Lead Product Manager (TechFin / FinTech)

As a product lead, I owned the product lines - identity & access management, and operations centers for prepaid, credit, loan, and UPI programs. I managed a team of three product managers while pursuing my MBA at ISB. Together, we developed innovative solutions for secure access and optimized processes to enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction and optimise operations. Our work led to the IAM platform serving approximately 30 million users, while also contributing to a remarkable 10X growth in revenue.

Ola Cabs

2020 – 2021

Senior Product Manager (AI/ML)

During my short stint at Ola, I had the opportunity to lead the company's largest full-scale data science and machine learning project. I spearheaded the launch of an OCR (optical character recognition) platform for document digitization and verification, digitising the onboaring flow for approximately 2mn drivers (India, UK, and NZ). The platform was designed to reduce the cost of CVT (customer verification and validation) by 50%, resulting in significant cost savings for the company.
It was an exciting and challenging project, but I was passionate about the potential impact it could have on the company and its customers. With a talented team at my side, we worked tirelessly to develop and launch the platform, leveraging the latest advances in AI and machine learning technology.
Unfortunately, Ola decided to change their work schedule and make Saturdays a regular working day. As I was also pursuing an MBA at the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB), I found it challenging to balance both commitments. After careful consideration, I decided to step down from my role at Ola. Although it was a difficult decision to leave such an exciting project, I knew that pursuing my MBA would help me grow both personally and professionally.

Early Stage Startups

2014 – 2020

Co-founder (CPTO) / Product Head

After leaving my position at TCS, I went through a period of soul-searching until I finally found my true calling. Along with a group of friends, I co-founded Craftloom.com, an online platform for handmade products. We were motivated by the plight of the many craftsmen and weavers in India who struggled to make a living due to middlemen who siphoned away their profits. Our goal was to provide these artisans with a direct line to customers and help them earn a fair wage for their work.
Sadly, in 2016, the Indian government's sudden demonetization policy left us unable to sustain our business. Despite our best efforts, we had to make the difficult decision to shut down Craftloom. Following this setback, I shifted gears and started consulting for startups, including Qwikspec, a real estate monitoring SaaS.
Eventually, I joined Wipro's startup team, DeltaVerge, where I played an instrumental role in launching and acquiring four large APAC enterprises. This was a particularly exciting project because it was Wipro's first foray into the SaaS industry. After Wipro, I was presented with an opportunity to head a gaming startup that had been acquired and funded by Delta Corp. In this role, I was able to experiment in ways that I couldn't with Craftloom. I served as the head of Product for two games, Leagueadda.com/Halaplay.com (Daily Fantasy Sports) & Adda52Rummy.com (Rummy), and scaled them to an aggregated user base of 1.5 mn and 3 mn USD ARR.
Unfortunately, Delta eventually decided to sell off the games, and I exited the company. I then began consulting for a few startups, including Impact Analytics, an AI-based retail SaaS, and Beecho, a hyperlocal platform. At Impact Analytics, I launched intelligence-driven retail SaaS products to optimize assortments and inventory allocations for large retailers like Belk, PUMA, and PVH in the US. At Beecho, I helped define the MVP and conducted the first user testing before the onset of COVID-19 forced us to shut down our dreams.

Tata Consultancy Services

2012 – 2014

Software Engineer / Product Manager

I began my career at TCS and took on a variety of roles, starting as a Java developer and then moving into QA testing. As I gained experience, I became a subject matter expert for an infrastructure tool, which allowed me to provide valuable insights and guidance to the team.
This last role was similar to that of a product manager for an infrastructure tool. I worked closely with L0 agents to monitor and assess the performance of the infrastructure, gathering their feedback and translating it into actionable improvements for the tool.
Through my diverse experience and expertise in the infrastructure tool, I was able to contribute to the success of the team and help drive meaningful improvements to the tools we were using.